Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
— Aristotle


Imagine your wedding took place a few years into the past... Now imagine that every photographer's basic package was pretty much "all images on floppy-disc."  That's likely the fate of the DVD! Ensure that your photos don't go the way of the dinosaur, and take solace in knowing that all our packages include the DVD, but also an album.  Watch the video and scroll down to learn a little more about what you can expect.

One To Call Your Own 

Almost as important as the photographer you choose, are the products that come with the work.  Many couples don't realize it, but your Wedding Album is the culminating product of your photographs.  Albums are timeless and won't corrupt or malfunction, like a DVD might.  We include the final JPGs on DVD, in high-resolution format, with no watermarking, to all of our clients, but we ask our wedding families to remember that their Wedding Album is the treasure that they take away from all this wedding madness.  Your flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, the open bar- abused, but your album will last you a lifetime and more.


Queensberry was an easy first choice for album manufacturer.  It's hard not to be impressed after seeing your first Queensberry (they say you never forget your first).  These albums are hand-crafted mementos, tailored by a large family-run company in New Zealand.  They've been creating beautiful work since the late 60's and have been reinventing themselves to create stunning, one-of-a-kind books.  

For us, it was important to partner with a company that shared a similar philosophy on weddings.  Just as with many wedding photography studios, there are album companies that focus on delivering quantity, mass producing lackluster albums with little to set them apart.  I'd like to think that our clients know better.  

When you make the decision to hire a boutique photographer, you're saying you want the right to choose your photographer.  You want that photographer's artistic vision to guide creation of the images, the products, and the album.  Conversely, a "wedding factory studio" will show you a portfolio with the best images of their best photographers.  At the time of the wedding, whatever photographer is available, will be the one to shoot your wedding.  You may or may not have seen any of their work.  You may or may not even get to meet the person before the wedding day.  When you hire Sage Studios, you know that I'll personally shoot your wedding and design the book that will become your Queensberry album.